It’s not your dimension tho


  1. This guy is known in the magic community for being a huge douchebag who fakes all his videos. He’s the equivalent of the fake YouTube pranksters.

  2. That’s a fairly attractive woman revealing her intimate knowledge of his penis.

    It’s not hard to find a victory in this situation.

  3. Was hanging out with a few friends and we were talking about dick size and someone asks “Hey! – Female married friend- how’s your hubby’s dick?” she responds apathetically with “It’s decent…” right in front of him.

    I saw a man die inside that day…

  4. Who cares? Carry that around with a wad of $100’s and boom, no more thirds for Frankie. Now you’re feasting like a mantis.

  5. Size is something someone only worries about when they’re not out there working 60-80 hours a week to pay the mortgage, kids school, braces, broken boilers and a/c, making car payments, vacation payments and trying to save for retirement.


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