Internal magnificence issues


  1. I think I’m being very clear, what I’m asking.

    Would an average size rowboat support the coffee pot without capsizing?

    It bothers me that you’re not answering the question.

  2. What the coffee maker is willing to do is usually more important than whether it’s hot.

    In this case… the coffee maker is a BUNN.

  3. At a pervious job we had to bill all our time to whatever projects we worked on. One day the coffee maker broke. As you can imagine everyone was pretty grumpy. Well I fixed the coffee maker. The guy who was in charge of our time tracking system was in there when I fixed it. So he added a coffee maker repair project to the time tracker tool, and I billed 15 minutes to the project.

    A few months later the guy comes up to me, laughing. He told me he he just got out of a meeting where our VP was reporting to his bosses. One of the slides was a break down of all the projects we were working on. One of the projects was coffee maker repair. Aparantly the report that made the chart pulled all the projects for that year. The coffee maker repair project showed up on the reports for the rest of the fiscal year. The funny thing is that no one said anything about that project being on the chart.


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